asriel dreemurr is the legendary being made of every soul in the underground his hp is 9999 his attack is inf and his defense is inf also known as the GOD of hyperdeath his attacks are fire magic which is copied straghit from toriel and star blazing is large star shaped progetiles rain down on his foes shocker breaker which strikes down the battlefield with bolts of lightning with the boxs [!] and chaos saber where he hovers over his foes and swipes the bullet board five times with blades in his hands and chaos buster and fires nine waves of bullets telegraphed by flashing lines and finshies with a charged beam the attack shoots in pattren which will start at 3 lines then 4 lines and his hyper goner a large creature resembling a combnation of the d.t extractor machine and sans singture gaster blaster attack will be summoned it then proceds to create a powerful vortex akin to that of a black hole and will try to put the humans soul in the creatures mouth and along with surronding durbries and lastly his angel of death he summon a lot of bullets on the bullet board and home in on the humans soul in massive waves after missing his attacks his goes into his final form the act menu is replaced with struggle which does nothing the human trys to reach the save file but maybe with little power they have they can save something else the human saves toriel asgore sans papyrus alphys undyne and when they are all saved the human rembers someone else the human then calls out for the name then asriel trys to kill the human and then the screen fades to white thus ending the battle now unto photoshop flowey her health is 6,000 and attack is 19 and defense is 0 floweys lower eyes shoot eye x shaped bullets and floweys upper eyes shoot x shaped bullets in triplets flowey summons flametrowhers floweys second head shoots out a lazer from its mouth a circle will appear around the humans soul with friendless pettles flowey shoots many vines and shoots venus fly traps at his foes and throws many bombs at the humans soul and will grow a plant and get out of her finger and head for the soul and fires snake like plants at her foes in my opion i think asirel dreemurr will win.

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