first lets talk about goku he can do kamahamaha and spirt bomb and has quick speed and attack power giving him a small chance vs chuck norris now chuck norris can do his world famous round house kick to goku and the match will be over like in 5 secs and the man is so powerful he can set people on fire just by punching them for all i know chuck norris would just round house kick goku in the face and the match will be over now chuck has now super powers but for the sack of this page were going to use the mugen chuck norris vs goku now he can freeze time summon missles attack with the dang sun itself set off a nuke out off nowhere hit them with knifes has a mega blaster that does 999 damage now goku has no chance of winning vs chuck norris the kung fu man himself unless its a more powerful charcter like error sans or mlg john cena or bill cypher or carnage or world breaker hulk lets just face it dragonball fans there is no dang way that goku can beat the man himself chuck norris but i can tell this will be one epic fight bewtween chuck and goku who do you think who will win tell me in the comments.oh and the next page is going to be a tournment the first round will be error sans vs bill cypher.

Chuck norris vs goku