Chara vs Purple Guy

First lets talk about purple guy he is the killer at freddy fazbears pizzera he toke out freddy bonnie chica and foxy with his trademark axe he is that powerful and that dangrous now as seen in five nights at Freddys 3 the crying childs put purple guy in a springbonnie suit and the springlocks mess up and now purple guy is springtrap now the weapons that he uses is his trademark axe and his knife now lets move on to Chara Chara is the fallen human in the rpg game Undertale she can dodge attacks at the speed of sound and can use her knife to slash foes into and she has Mutiple Frisks souls to boot he beat Sans and mutiple Time Warpers And Gods and even killed Flowey she is that powerful and mean now in my opion i think Chara Or Purple Guy will win but to be honest im rooting for both of them to win also if you want to see a total war with the leaders being Purple guy Vs Chara with a team of there chose comment down the words total war if this post gets to 4 total war comments there will be a purple guy vs chara total war.