first lets talk about doomsday his height is 8 to 10 his weight is 915 lbs his birth was in the planet krypton his first appearance was in superman:man of steel #17 he once rained domiance over the planet 250,00 years ago he is the one who killed superman he is a raggeing beast that has a high combat skills now lets discuss venom venom is a alien that controls peter pakers rival eddie brock he can summon webs has high jumping powers and pick up over 7 tons his weakness is ringing likes bells and such in the spiderman movie peter manges to use the bell to weaken the symboite now when we put these guys in combat in my opion i think venom will win beacuse he can pick up 7 tons while doomsday only has combat skills and the one who killed superman who do you think who will win leave it in the comment section below.

Venom vs doomsday