Deoxys vs asriel dreemurr

ok first lets talk about the pokemon deoxys deoxys is a pokemon that might be a alien from outer space and can turn into diffrent froms speed power defense and algity he comes from the triangle when enocuntred the triangle moves and deoxys comes forth his attacks is hyper beam which lets out a lazer full of attack power and recover which restores his hp to full health and zen headbutt is a pshyic attack and cosmic power is a pshyic attack now unto Asriel Dreemurr he is the son of asgore and toriel and is friends with chara at the boss battle if you spare everyone he appears and the final battle begins he can summon stars fire lighting bolts and has swords that can attack and uses his hyper goner to do massive damage and in my opion if deoxys knew how to beat asriel dreemurr asreil dreemurr will have a easy win so i think Asriel Dreemurr will win overall.