Bane and doomsday vs carnage and venom

first lets talk about bane and doomsday bane first of let me get this out first stay in school kids bane is a guy who has powers and does whatever he wants when he wants he can pick over the weight of a car and can use his hulk like powers to destroy his foes that he faces now on to doomsday doomsday is a powerful being that even killed superman he once ruled over a planet 250.00 years ago he has great fighting skills and can use his powers as well now on to team venom venom is eddie brock that got the symboyote a few years back and makes him feel good but heres the truth it will slowy take over its host and take total control venom can pick up over 7 tons and use black webbing to trap his foes and has great powers his only weakness is sounds for objects for example a bell as seen in spiderman 2 it weakness the symobite out from eddie now on to carnage let me get this out there carnage is my favorite villlan and always will be and venom is my favorite too carnage also know as celtus kaste is a crazy killer that hates spiderman and he killed uncle bens killer as seen in the spierman the video game he has great speed and powers he can scratch his foes to death with his sharp claws in my opion i think venom and carnage will win who do you think who will win tell me in the comments below.