Error sans vs bill cipher-0

Since AntimationRewind is too busy making fights I’ll do the match you all have been requesting for in the comments, Error!Sans vs Bill Cipher. First, lets start off with Error!Sans. Error!Sans is a glitched version of Sans. Whatever he believes is a ‘glitch’ he’ll do his best to destroy. He can use Error!Blasters and cast red bones at his foes. Error can also use his puppet powers to slowly take his enemie’s SOUL.

Now lets move on to Bill Cipher. Bill is a demon that is set out to destroy Gravity Falls. Spoiled Alert, he was Sucessful. However, heres the problem. Bill Cipher is from the 3rd Dimension, which makes him less corporeal than anybody else, even more so than Napstablook.

Error!Sans and Bill Cipher are both incredibly powerful beings, both with their weaknesses. While Error is capable of destroying many things, even universes, he can still be beat with skill and brute force, and is certaintly not the most powerful out there. Bill Cipher is omnipotent wherever he can own a physical form.

Bill Cipher is cunning and persuasive, using Silver Tongue words to get what he wants. He could strike a deal with Error!Sans but betray him in the long run.

Altogether, if Bill Cipher and Error!Sans faced on a playing field where they were both at their strongest, the chances are that Bill Cipher would use his uncomprehending strength to beat Error!Sans.