on team fnaf:freddy bonnie chica foxy golden freddy bb toy freddy toy chica toy bonnie fredbear springbonnie springtrap phantom freddy phantom bb phantom foxy phantom chica nightmare freddy nightmare foxy nightmare chica nightmare bonnie jack o bonnie jack o chica nightmare bb nightmare mangle nightmare nightmare fredbear nightmare marionette on team fnac:candy cindy blank peguin old candy old cindy old blank old pegiun monkey old monkey r.a.t c.a.t nightmare r.a.t now freddy is the leader of the group at freddy fazbears pizzera he is made of metal and can stuff people into freddy suits and bonnie can hit his foes with his guitar and chica can make noise in the kitchen and can help stuff you in a freddy suit and foxy is the fastest charcter in the team and golden freddy can kill you if you look at him for too long and bb can annoy you with his annoying laugh and toy freddy is not very strong toy chica is not strong either and toy bonnie is not very strong and fredbear is very strong and springbonnie is not that strong and springtrap is the strongest and phantom freddy is in their foes mind and phantom bb is strong and phantom foxy is very strong and phantom chica is strong and nightmare bonnie is very strong and nightmare mangle is very strong and nightmare is very strong and nightmare fredbear is very strong in my opion i think fnaf will win.