Freddy fazbear

Summary Edit

Freddy Fazbear Is From The Indie Horror Game "Five Nights At Freddy,s" he has faced Sans Herobrine and faced Candy the Cat The Goosebumps crew the Five Nights At Tresure Island Crew and the One Night At Flumptys Crew.

Powers And Stats Edit

Powers: Peak human strength, speed and durability, expert in stealth, can induce paranoia/hallucinations

Intelligence:Sapient due to being possessed by the ghost of a child. Tends to hide in the darker corners of cameras, only the pin-pricked irises of his eyes being visible

Weaknesses: Freddy can easily be tampered with and possibly reprogrammed (The Toy Animatronics were implied to have their systems tampered with by William Afton)

Others Edit

Notable Wins:

Goosebumps Five Nights At Tresure Island and One Night At Flumptys

Candy The Cat

Team Star Wars

Five Nights At Candy,s Crew

Team Mario And Pokemon


Notable Losses:



Team Undertale