first lets talk about freddy fazbear he is leader of the gang at the freddy fazbears pizzera his bite can break human skull also he is made of metal making him super heavy his height is 7 to 4 his weight is 412 lbs and his age is 38 nightmare freddy is a mental version of freddy if it was the nightmare version he will have some chance of winning vs herobrine he can metaly tourtue his vitcums and after he does that he kills whoever he tourtures overall:freddy can break human skull if it was nightmare freddy he will a better chance of winning now lets move to herobrine herobrine is a urban legend in minecraft he can telport bulid man made bulidings bulid traps and such he is notchs dead brother it is rumored that herobrine is a ghost he weapons can be pickaxes swords and such he can telport to the user and get them of guard by letting out a terifying scream and attack overrall:herobrine can telport it is rumored that he is a ghost he can use weapons on players in my opion i think freddy fazbear will win beacuse if it was the nightmare version he will mentally tourture herobrine until its the right time to attack herobrine who do you think will win tell me in the comment section.

Freddy fazbear vs herobrine
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