Free for all

first lets talk about asriel dremurr he is the brother of chara when he has the human souls and the monster souls flowey turns into asriel and error sans thinks everything is a glitch and if its a glitch it desires to die he can use his puppet powers to control his foes and sans is super powerful guy he may seem like a kind friendly skenton but when he comes down to buisness you dont want to mess with sans he can miss attacks for a period of time and can use gaster blasters and underfell sans is like the regular sans same attacks same powers and error papyrus has the same powers he thinks everything is a glitch like his brother and omega flowey has a lot of power and can use nukes use guns use his or her arms and summon flys now in my opion i think sans error sans omega flowey will might win who do you think who will win? tell me in the comments.