Gigan VS Garchomp

First Lets Talk About Garchomp Garchomp is a dragon type pokemon that can use earthquake dragon pluse and dragon claw and rock tomb and can go into Garchomps mega form now lets move onto Gigan Gigan is a alien from the tv show Godzilla He is the foe Of Godzilla he can go into his Final Wars form he can use his Chainsaw arms and use his lazer beams at his foes in my opion i think Garchomp Will win now theres no need for a rematch you know what that means if you want to see a total war between team Pokemon and Team Godzilla comment down the words total war if this post gets 2 total war comments there will be a total war between pokemon and godzilla also comment down your ideas for future posts of vs battle wiki they might even be a post of vs battle wiki.