Godzilla Edit

(Keep in mind Keizer Godzilla will be used)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Instinctive Reaction (Has a natural Phased-Array Radar that allows him to instinctively intercept intercept approaching threats), Skilled in Hand to Hand combat, Immortality (Types 1, 3, 6; Godzilla can possess others to stay alive after death), Regeneration (Low-Mid, Low-High over time Can regenerate from as little as a single cell, though this takes an extensive amount of time and is thus not combat applicable), Expert Swordsman, Skilled in stealth, Can survive in the vacuum of space and pressure of the bottom of the ocean, Berserk Mode(Increases his power, strength and durability to a greater extent), Rage Power (Increases his speed and strength), Flight, Breath Attack, Energy Projection, Manipulation, and Absorption, Radiation Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation and Absorption, Fire Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Homing Attack, Reactive Evolution (Can mutate his DNA to adapt to threats), Soul Manipulation (Able to absorb souls and use them to prolong his life, can divide one soul into millions of parts), Forcefield Creation, Gravity Manipulation (Via the Null Gravity Barrier), Telepathy (Has a telepathic link to Baby Godzilla), Resurrection (As Burning Godzilla, in another body, or completely, though this is non-combat applicable), Transformation, Statistics Amplification (Physical power amplification via Fire Surge, Ranged attack amplification via Electrical Surge, Speed amplification via Speed Surge, and Durability amplification via Shield Surge), Can temporarily nullify up to Low-Mid regeneration (With Radiation Surge), Can temporarily negate ranged attacks (With Darkness Surge), 4th Wall Awareness, Asexual Reproduction Limited Biological Manipulation (Can make new species of flora and fauna that contain his genetic structure, though this takes extensive time), Aura and Self-Destruction (Cannot be controlled by will), Resistance to Mind Control, Acid, Poison, Fire, Petrification (Resisted the Siren's powers, which can turn humans and kaiju to stone in seconds), Matter Manipulation (Resists Micro-Oxygen, which breaks down most matter on a molecular level) and Absolute Zero temperatures (Resisted Kiryu's Absolute Zero Cannon), Omnipotence

Weaknesses: None Notable

Bill Cipher Edit

(I am using Unrestricted Bill)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 3, and 4), Regeneration(Low-Mid), Resurrection (By speaking a special incantation, can return to life after being erased), Non-Corporeal(is a disembodied consciousness), Teleportation, Shapeshifting, Body Control, Transmutation, Electricity Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Reality Warping, Inter-universal travel, Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Creation, Biological Manipulation, Sleep Inducement, Light Manipulation, Dream Manipulation and Nightmare Inducement, Cross-universal awareness (Is capable of viewing different realities), Illusion Creation, Intangibility, Energy Projection, Flight/Levitation, Matter Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Madness Inducement (Can create bubbles that can induce madness into whatever it touches), Fourth Wall Awareness (Is aware of the real world and can "see" us). The following abilities can only be used if Bill tricks his target into making a deal with him: Soul Removal, Mind Manipulation, Mind Control, Possession

Weaknesses: Bound inside of Gravity Falls due to it being an incredibly powerful magnet for weirdness. His regeneration seems to take a bit of time as he complained on how long it took him to regenerate his eye back. If he enters another being's mind, certain methods can be used to erase him. However, as hinted by clues such as a hidden incantation Bill spoke in reverse, he can eventually return from being erased

Verdict Edit

It’ll be a tough fight, but I think Bill wins. He can resist all of Godzilla’s attacks and has no weaknesses that the King of Monsters can exploit. He can drive Godzilla crazy, fire a pulse beam into his mouth, or take control of his two mindscapes.