Team freddy vs team slappy vs team photo negtive mickey vs team flumpty total war

hello welcome to the total war you all been wating for and so hyped for since yesterday on team flumpty:flumpty bumpty grunkfess clown redman birthday boy blam beaver owl golden flumpty eyesaur on team fnaf:freddy bonnie chica foxy golden freddy the puppet toy freddy toy chica toy bonnie mangle bb jj old chica old freddy old foxy old bonnie springtrap phantom foxy phantom freddy phantom chica phantom bb nightmare freddy nightmare foxy nightmare chica nightmare mangle nightmare fredbear nightmare bb plushtrap nightmare nightmare marionette baby funtime freddy funtime foxy ballora bidybab marineea shawdow freddy shawdow bonnie on team goosebumps: slappy the clown pray mantis haunted car graveyard ghouls jack o laturns haunted mask monster blood the blob surken head mortman zombies vampries on team tresure isalnd:photo negtive mickey photo negtive minnie donlad duck head sucide mouse the face headless goofy purity nightmare mick mick nightmare suicide mouse now lets talk about the leader of one night at flumptys flumpty bumpty flumpty is a egg with one intension to kill all humans who drink eggnog birthday boy blam has little fighting exprince but the one with a lot off fighting exprince is eyesaur he has a lot of fighting exprince and the owl is super fast when he flys trough the vent and golden flumpty hides in the shawdows until its the right time to scare the user in this case for the sack of this total war we will make him hide in the shawdows until its the right time to fight fnaf fnati or goosebumps charcters now on to team fnaf and to the leader of the group freddy fazbear freddy is the leader of the band at freddy fazbears pizza he can bite into human skull if it was the nightmare version rember what i said from the last fight ehhh you get the idea on to the most powerful charcter foxy so people thought foxy caused the bite of 87 well your wrong it was fredbear as seen in five nights at freddys 4 he can hit people with his sharp hook and he is very fast as seen in the first game now unto bonnie he is a bunny who plays a guitar he is not very fast but has very good hiding spots now unto chica the chicken chica is very good fighter and can get the nightguard easily now unto the most powerful of them all Nightmare Fredbear he can bite into human skull and hit his foes with his sharp claws and even play with his foes mind now unto five nights at tresure island team with the leader photo negtive mickey mickey is a mouse anmatronic that is seen in Five Nights At Tresure Island he has a lot of hiding spots and has a little fighting exprince but the most powerful in the team is the face he has a lot of power but the one is the most powerful is purity purity is a white figure that doesnt have no lines at all makeing it odd now unto the last team goosebumps with the leader slappy the dummy slappy is a dummy with magical powers and cant not be killed or destoryed as seen in night of the living dummy 2 he landed on the hard floor and cracked his head wide open and the soul got out of slappy now if the fnaf onaf fnati team cracked his head open it would make the goosebumps team not very powerful without slappy now the most powerful in the group is slappy he has a lot of power and can trick his foes easily unless they say the magic words as:karri mari odna loma karnu karno that brings slappy back to life now in my opion it will be a tough battle but i think the five nights at freddys crew will win i dont know who do u tink who will win tell me in the comments.