Vs battle wiki vs illuanati

hello and welcome to the match you all been wating for vs battle wiki vs illanati first on team vs battle wiki:sans error sans underfell sans bill cipher error papyrus goku mlg john cena and the whole mlg crew youtube poop mario and the whole youtube poop gang godzilla gamera wreck it ralph sherk goku fnaf crew onaf crew fnati crew goosebumps crew now lets start of with the leader of the team sans sans is a lazy skenton that leaves his posts often and likes to drink ketchup and makes bad puns about skentons error sans thinks everything is a glitch if it is a glitch he thinks that glitch desrves to die now onto the illuanati he has a powerful attack the all seeing eye it knows your attacks moves powers and weakness now the hardest thing is going to be for illuanati is the powerful bill cipher if he doesnt know his attacks moves powers and weakness he will loss the fight if the match did not have bill cipher in the team it will be a easy win for illuanati but for the sack of this page we just found out a special power that chuck norris can do he can transform into the all mighty chuck norris sans in this form he has all the powers of all the fighters of vs battle wiki he has unlimted hp attack engrgy and powers if illanati takes all the books from rl stine and uses the monsters and mind controls them it will a one sided fight in my opion i think vs battle wiki will win.