team mlg:mlg sanic mlg mario mlg sans mlg freddy fazbear tailes yee mlg john cena mlg spongebob team youtube poop:youtube poop spongebob youtube poop link robotink moar krabs youtube poop mickey first lets talk about sanic sanic is another version of sanic he is super fast and can do no scopes to noobs and when he enters mlg form you better run for the hills beacuse when he enters mlg form he is powerful now mlg mario can no scope summon giant mtn dew to flaten his enimies and no scopes noobs when he enters mlg mode his glasses come on and he gets his sniper rifle and becomes major league gaming now mlg sans is powerful he can easyly beat error sans or the regular sans with just 1 punch and mlg freddy fazbear is super fast and beats the night guard on every night he gets on and no scopes him just like the regular freddy he can bite human skull and turn into mlg form now tailes is the sidekick of sanic he is not very powerful but when he is with sanic you better run for the hills and yee is a dinosaur that sings with his dinosaur buddy he can no scope and kill you by saying 1 word:yee) mlg john cena is like chuck norris and goku combined into a powerful being he can no scope noobs and attack his rivals with giant mountain dew bottles and mlg spongebob is the best at video games he beat patrick mr krabs sandy squidward and even the flying dutchmen by playing a 1v1 first person shooter game now on to youtube poop spongebob he is humrous and has no fighting skills but when he enters funnymagedon you better run for the hills and link has no fighting skills but just like spongebob he has some fighting exprince and robotink has a lot of fighting exprince and moar krabs has skill fighting and defense and mickey almost has none fighting exprince overall:i think it will be a tough war but i think team mlg will win who do you think who will win tell me in the comments below.

Mlg vs youtube poop