On team Mario:Mario Bowser Peach Toad Wario Rosealina Bowser Jr Donkey Kong Nabbit Wallugi On Team Undertale:Sans Papyrus Undyne Asgore Toriel Chara Frisk Gaster Error Sans now lets start with team Mario Mario is the main hero in super mario bros saving peach from bowser countless times he can also use the power ups the super star which makes him attack things when he gets close to them the mega mushroom which makes him a giant the fire flower which makes him throw fire balls he has great fighting skills now unto marios brother Lugil he is marios brother and is scared of ghosts he can also use the poltergust 5000 and can suck up his foes and even catch ghosts he doesnt have much fighting skills but when he is with his brother you better run for the hills now unto Bowser Bowser is the koopa king of the koopa army he can breath fire and has great fighting skills he can also turn into the mighty Giga Bowser in this form bowser is powerful and has strong attacks he has over total control over his koopa army he will use the koopa army to fight the undertale team now unto peach peach is the princess of the mushroom kingdom and has total control over the toadstool army she will be using this vs the undertale team now unto toad he does not have much fighting expricne now unto wario wario is the foe of mario and lugil he can also bite his foes and make them smell like garlic for days he can also turn into wario man in this form wario man is almost too powerful now unto rosealina she is the god like women that can kill everthing on the earth if she wanted to and even reverse time and again again and again now unto Bowser jr bowser jr is the son of Bowser and dont let his size fool you he has great fighting skills now unto donkey kong he is almost powerful and has great attacks and can use his world famous donkey kong punch now unto nabbit nabbit is a theif that can only be killed by game hazards and the last fighter wallugi wallugi is the brother of wario and has great fighting skills now lets move on to undertale and the leader of the team is sans sans is a lazy skeleton that leaves his posts often and makes bad puns about skeletons he likes drinking ketchup and dodges attacks at the speed of sound he can also use gaster blasters and throw bones now sans may seem like a nice dude and all but when you kill his brother he means buisness now unto sans brother papyrus papyrus is a hard working skeleton that likes making puzzles and likes eating speggeti he has a little fighting exprince but when he is with sans you better run for the hills now unto undyne undyne is the leader of the royal guard and is the one that trains dorks to fight she has great fighting skills and even can turn into undyne the undying now unto asgore asgore is the king of the underground and waited so long for a human soul to cross the bairer and has great fighting skills and toriel has a lot of fighting skills now unto chara chara is the one that killed all of the undertale casts and killed time warpers and gods she even killed sans she is that powerful she can use her trademark knife and has countless ammounts of frisks souls now unto frisk frisk is the one that spares everyone and becomes friends with everyone she does have a little of fighting exprince now unto gaster gaster is the one that does not exist he can even crash the game while fighting him now unto error sans error sans is a gltiched verson of sans whatever he thinks is a glitch that gltich derseves to die he can use error blasters and throw red bones at his foes now in my opion i think Team Undertale Will WIn