Total war

on team mario and pokemon:Mario Lugi Bowser Peach Wario Walugi Bowser Jr Donkey Kong Nabbit Rosealina Pikachu Charizard Deoxys Rayqauza Kyorge Groundon Darkri On team fnaf and undertale:Sans Papyrus Undyne Toriel Frisk Chara Mettaton Freddy Bonnie Chica Foxy Golden Freddy first lets talk about mario mario is the hero and saved peach countless times from the evil bowser and can get a mushroom and grow 2 sizes from his tiny size and can get a fire mushroom and shoot fireballs at his foes and lugi is scared and does not have much fighting exprince but when he is with mario they make power so great he can use his poltergust 5000 to suck up foes and ghosts and bowser is the koopa king and has total control over the koopa army and can breath fire at his foes and can jump down on his foes a sit on them causing great damage and peach doesnt have much fighting expricne since she gets caught by bowser all the time and is trapped in his castle and wario can bite u and make you smell like garlic and can turn into wario man and has great powers and walugi doenst have much fighting exprince and bowser jr is the son of bowser he can use his car to fight his foes and fire cannons out of his car and donkey kong has great fighting expinrce and nabbit can only be hurt by game hazards and can steal stuff from his foes and does not have much fighitng skills and roselina is like a god and can reset the entire world and kill everything on it and can even resverse time and pikachu can use his trademark thunderbolt and shock his foes and charizard can breath fire and can fly at his foes and deoxys cna use his powerful hyper beam and rayqauza can use his dragon pluse and kyorge can use sheer cold and can 1 hit ko his foes and groundon can use fissure and can 1 hit ko as well and dakri can use dark void and can make his foes fall asleep and now lets move on to team fnaf and undertale now lets start with the leader sans sans is a lazy skeleton who leaves his posts often and he likes drinking ketchup if you kill his brother he puts everything on the line to make sure you die and never reach the surface world he can use gaster blasters and throw bones and his brother papyrus is not a very skilled fighther he is a hard working skeleton that makes puzzles and likes eating spegeeti and undyne is the leader of the royal guard and trains people to join the royal guard and toriel has a lot of fighting exprince and frisk does not have much fighting exprince while chara has a lot of fighting exprince and she killed time warpers and gods and mettaton does not have much fighting skills and freddy has a lot of fighting exprince and bonnie has a lot of fighting skills and chica has much fighting skills and foxy has a lot of fighitng skills he can attack things with his sharp hook in my opion i think team undertale and fnaf will win.