Mario vs undertale

first lets talk about team Mario on team Mario:Mario Bowser Donkey Kong Lugi Wario Walgui Rosealina Bowser jr Peach Daisy Yoshi Nabbit mario is a plumer that saves his princess peach from the evil Bowser he can turn into fire mario and shoot fireballs in the air and water he has great fighting skills but the only thing that can kill Mario is game hazards such as Goombas Spikes and etc, overall Mario is a great fighter he has great fighting skills but can die due to Game hazards next we have Lugi Lugi is the brother of Mario he is a scared plumer that is scared of everything even ghosts he can use his Poltergust 3000 to suck up any undertale charcter he fights next one is Bowser Bowser is a mean koopa that has total control over The Koopa army for the sack of this page we will let him use his Koopa army to fight the Undertale army he has great fighting exprince but like in super mario 64 the only weakness bowser has is the famous tail spin now onto wario wario is the enmey of mario and lugi he eats garlic day and night full bowls of garlic he has the power to turn into the powerful Wario man he can use fart attacks to fight his enemys and even bite them to make them smell of Garlic now onto peach peach doent have much fight exprince but she has total control over the Toadstool army for the sack of this page we will let her use her toodstool army take on the Undertale army now onto rosealina roselina is a God over the whole entire Universe if she wanted to reset the world it will kill everything and everyone on the earth now onto team undertale first of we have sans sans is a lazy skeleton that leaves his posts often he also makes bad puns about skentons he may seem like a nice guy but when you kill his brother you do not to mess with sans he can use gaster blasters and miss for a long period of time and now unto papyrus papyrus is a hard working guy who wants to capture a human he then meets a human but they quickly become friends he has great power and speed now unto the most powerful on the undertale team ASIEL DREMURR he has great attacks he has a lazer and can summon stars out of no where now unto the weakest of them all temmie temmie is a cat that owns his or her???......idk but it has its own shop where it sells temmie flakes he has none fighting exprince he doesnt have good enough grammer nor fighting exprince now in my opion i think team Undertale will win who do you think who will win Tell me in the comments below.