on team mlg:Mlg shrek mlg sans mlg freddy fazbear mlg mario mlg thomas mlg godzilla sanic tailles on team troll face troll face himself mlg shrek is a no scoper in first person shooter games and the more youtube videos uploads the stronger he gets he can also make your ears bleed by his loud roaring and mlg sans can no scope by using gaster blasters and mlg freddy fazbear can 1 hit kill you and mlg mario cannot be killed by touching a goomba and mlg thomas runs over you and mlg godzilla can turn into the mighty swagzilla and sanic can go to the speeds of 1,0000,0000 and get all the chaos diritos and turn into super sanic and can drink purple mountain dew and can go mlg and tailles can no scope and 1 hit kill noobs and troll face is a super clever charcter he can trick enimies by buliding houses with tnt under the houses and can put tnt behind diamond blocks and can scare foes by being herobrine if the mlg team did not know about the troll faces tricks it will be a easy win for troll face so in my opion i think team mlg will win.