On team Pokemon:Pikachu Lucario Mewtwo Mew Blazken Onix Ho-OH Lugia Giratina Palkia Blastoide Groundon Kyorge Rayquaza Regice Regirock Registeel Regigigas on team Undertale:Sans Papyrus Undyne Frisk Chara Gaster Error Sans Asgore Toriel Napstablook Omega Flowey Asriel Dreemurr Mettaton Alphys now first lets talk about Team Pokemon Pikachu Is the mascot of Pokemon he can use thunder and attack his foes Lucario is a fighter and can use aura sphere and go into his mega form and mewtwo can use psyhic and go into his mega form and mew can use transform and use pshyic and blazken uses fire attacks and onix can use earthquake and rock tomb Ho_OH can use fire attacks and sky attacks and lugia uses water attacks and giratina Uses shawdow attacks and palkia uses time sphere and blastoide uses water attacks and groundon uses earthquake and fire attacks and kyorge uses water attacks and goes his alpha form and rayquaza uses sky attacks and dragon attacks and rayquaza goes into his mega form and regice uses ice attacks and regirock uses rock attacks and registeel uses steel attacks and regigigas uses dark attacks now unto team Undertale sans is a lazy skeleton that leaves is posts often he dodges attacks at the speed of sound he likes drinking ketchup and uses gaster blasters and throws bones at his foes and papyrus has least fighting exprince but when he is with sans you better run for the hills undyne is the leader of the royal guard and goes into her undying form she throws spears at her foes and throws swords too and frisk has least fighting expirnce and chara has a lot of fighting expince she even killed time warpers and gods and gaster crashs the game and gltichs the game and error sans uses error blasters and throws red bones at his foes and asgore uses his weapon to attack and throws fireballs at his foes and toriel throws fireballs at her foes and napstablook doesnt have least fighting exprince and omega flowey has a lot of fighting exprince and asriel dreemurr can attack useing with his swords and mettaton has a lot of fighting exprince and alphys doesnt have least fighting exprince in my opion i think team Undertale will win.