on team mlg youtube poop and memes:Sanic weegee mr krabs swagzilla mlg freddy king cdi gannon cdi link gabe the dog gabe mario mlg spongebob mlg shrek pen pineapple apple pen robbie rotten spooky scary skeletons shoop da whoop mlg mario mlg freddy fazbear dat boi mlg doge sparta guy mlg sans mlg thomas the train and they are faceing the meme destoryer rickroll himself rickroll can appear anywhere and when mlg is faceing youtube poop or memes it has the power enough to wake the meme desotryer he can stop the fight and even desotry time and space itself and sanic can go to the speeds of 1,000,000 and weegee can turn peoples faces into weegee and mr krabs can have a sword as a weapon and can put his oh yeah mr krabs as a ytpmv and swagzilla can own aliens and no scope people and mlg freddy can telport anywhere he wants when it comes to killing he is good at killing and the king can throw a giant turkey and cdi link can use his sword and gabe the dog can put his video in the background music and attack his foes and gabe can attack people by making half life 3 and getting trolled by gabe and mario cannot be killed and own his foes and mlg shrek can no scope and make his foes ear bleed beacuse of his loud roar and pen pineapple apple pen can put his video in the background music and his foes feel the cringe that they die out of anger and robbie rotten wants to be number one the more youtube videos uploaded the more powerful he gets and spooky scary skeletons can spook their foes and even kill them no mater how brave you are and shoop da whoop is the most powerful one in the whole team he can even destory planets universes and even desotry time and space and mlg sans can no scope foes by using gaster blasters and dat boi can attack people and mlg doge can no scope and attack people and sparta guy can say this is sparta and kick his foe into a bottomless pit and mlg thomas the train can run over noobs and no scope now in my opion well if this fight was real the power will be great enough to wake the meme desotryer so sadly the winner is rickroll but it wont happen if you want to see rickroll vs the illuanati comment down the words rickroll vs illuanati.