Scott has the powers of Transforming into a 3D version of himself during battle, firing multicolored orbs, using the 4th wall to attack he is the storyteller of FNAF WORLD he is the evil creator of FNAF WORLD he is the final boss of FNAF WORLD and toby fox also known as annoying dog has the powers of  Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Toon Force, (Accidental) Universe creation, Reality Warping, Space-Time Manipulation, Acausality, Omnipresence, Being relatively annoying, Absorption, Intangibility, Immortality, Cosmic Awareness, Flight, Multiversal Constant (Cannot be removed from existence/the game's coding), Soul Manipulation, 4th Wall Awareness toby fox can steal a foes special attack as seen in the papyrus boss fight toby fox can suddenly appear out of no where while the track known as "Dogsong" plays. The dog proceeds to do something annoying/troll whoever is in the general area before disappearing. For example, after Frisk solves the piano puzzle, they will gain access to a room with the mysterious Legendary Artifact. Upon attempting to take it, Frisk will find their inventory has been filled up by the Annoying Dog, who is asleep in it. After either using of dropping the dog, it will proceed to wake up, float over to the artifact, absorb it, and then disappear through the walls and sleep where the dog also known as toby fox falls asleep so i will say Scott Cawthon Will Win.