Shoop da whoop vs troll face

first lets talk about shoop da whoop shoop da whoop is a meme with a powers so great he can beat chuck norris in one blast of his lazer when you hear him say this:IMA FIREN MAI LAZER while troll face can troll shoop da whoop and kill him while shoop da whoop haveing 9999 damage in his lazer attack now troll face is a meme too he can troll his rivals in minecraft so if there fight was in mincecraft the match will end in 5 mins so overall i think shoop da whoop will win and also guys i have exicting news on halloween i will be doing a total war between the 4 most scariest books and games it will be team goosebumps vs team five nights at freddys vs team five nights at tresure island vs team one night at flumptys on team goosebumps: slappy the gnomes pray mantis haunted mask mortman jack o laturns the blob monster blood shrunken head graveyard ghouls the abonable snowman of pasadena the scarecrow king jelly piano lessons can be murder the vampire the mummy the exucuntior fifi welcome to dead house and all the goosebumps monsters team fnaf:freddy bonnie chica foxy golden freddy toy freddy toy chica toy bonnie old freddy old chica old bonnie old foxy old golden freddy shadow bonnie shadow freddy the puppet mangle bb jj springtrap phantom freddy phantom foxy phantom chica phantom bb phantom puppet nightmare freddy nightmare bonnie nightmare chica nightmare foxy nightmare fredbear nightmare nightmare marionette jack o bonnie jack o chica nightmare mangle nightmare bb plushtrap freddles fredbear springbonnie baby funtime foxy funtime freddy bon bon ernald ballora mineralla team five nights at tresure island:photo negtive micky oswald sucide mouse the face goffy photo negtive minnie donalds head purity undying nightmare mick mick nightmare suicide mouse nightmare photo negtive minnie nightmare the face and all of the others team one night at flumptys:flumpty redman owl beaver birthday boy blam grunkfess the clown golden flumpty eyesaur so it will be a big fight so see you on halloween