now the team on the freddy fazbear crew is freddy bonnie and foxy and chica and on the creepypasta crew is slenderman jeff the killer drowned ben and smile dog first lets talk about the freddy fazbear crew freddy is the leader of the group he can break human skull and if its his nightmare version he can mentaly tourture the creepypasta crew and foxy can hit people with his very sharp hook and he has very sharp running speed now lets talk about the creepypasta crew first lets talk about jeff jeff was a 13 year old boy who lived with his mom dad and his brother then 1 day his bullys at school set him on fire and now while setting him on fire it makes his face white and he goes insane he has good fighting ablites with his knife and is very fast now slenderman has been around for years since the first humans came to the face of the earth his power is so great he can break tree limbs out of its roots he can also mind control his vitcums and making them confused before getting them in my opion it will be a very close battle i think the freddy fazbear crew will win the battle but i dont know who do you think who will win tell me in the comment section.

The freddy fazbear gang vs the creepypasta gang total war!