Uyndyne the undying vs error!sans

vs battle wiki is back anyways let talk about uyndyne uydine is the leader of the royal guard and is the one that trains dorks to fight but if you kill some of the charcters the monster kids dialouge changes and when you attack him uydyne takes the attack and turns into uydyne the undying she has the dertianation to survive a little longer before she dies she can throw spears at her foes and use her green soul and fire spears at her foes she can even lift a boulder and throw it at her foes the only weakness to uyndyne is by tricking her by acting nice to her and then when shes of guard the user kills her overall uydyne is a great fighter and has the deranation to survive a little longer until she dies now lets look at error!sans error!sans is a glitched version of sans whatever he thinks is a glitch he is going to kill whatever he think is a glitch he can use error!blasters and use his puppet powers to slowy take his foes soul now heres the problem uyndyne has the dernation to survive a little longer until she dies which means she can kill error!sans when she is trying to survive a little longer so anyways error!sans can throw red bones at his foes in my opion i think error!sans will win