today is a very special day beacuse this wiki just hit up to 50 pages thank you guys so much for sticking with me and watching the very best fights ever and i thought it would be cool to do a rematch of my very first fight on this wikia thats right Venom Vs Doomsday rematch without futher ado lets talk about venom he is the foe of Spiderman And Has The Symobite To Take Him Over He has Great Fighitng Exprince and can pick up over 7 tons the only weakness of venom is that he can be hurt by listening to bells it makes his symobite weaker overall venom is a great fighter with many skills alothough his weakness is bells and now unto doomsday doomsday is the one that killed superman and once ruled over a planet 250 years ago and has great fighting skills now im sure if doomsday faced chuck norris he would not win figitng against chuck overall doomsday has great fighting skills and great attacks in my opion i think Doomsday will win.