Error sans vs bill cipher

first lets talk about error sans error sans is a copy sans what ever he thinks is a glitch that glitch desrves to die he can do puppet things with his rivals and is covered by the regular sans but when the time is right he changes into error sans he has great attack exprience and can miss attack for a long time now lets talk about bill cipher bill is a demon set out to destory gravity falls spoiler alert:he was sucessful) he can use his monster army for defense and can change into many forms and he can spit fire out off his hands like mario but the thing bill cipher doesnt have gaster blasters tat error sans has it would take a lot off gaster blasters to destroy bill cipher if error sans had the powers off chuck norris the match would be over but listen this wiki will not be a poplarity contest this is to give the truth who wins but anyway back to bill cipher as i was saying it would take chuck norris to destory bill cipher or mlg john cena it will be a tough battle but i have to say error sans might win beacuse if he uses the right amount of gaster blasters it will desotry bill cipher so the next fight is going to be spongebob and patrick vs gumball and darwin.