Iluanati vs chuck norris

first lets talk about chuck norris chuck is from the tv show texas walker ranger and can do his famous roundhouse kick and has good fighting exprince and even beat goku a few matchs back in this wiki if you havent seen it i highly sugest you to go read it anyways chuck can freeze time summon knifes from the sky even use the dang sun as a weapon and has a mega blaster that deals 999 damage to his foes overall:chuck is more powerful than king kong himself or even goku making him a hard to beat foe now lets move on to iluanati iluanati is a symbol in a dollar bill and has one power the all seeing eye he knows your moves your weakness your powers your fears your friends and everything that you can think of and to make it even worse he can copy your moves powers and even your power making chucks rival a hard to beat foe making iluanati almost impossible to beat now if he had help from sans error sans goku bill cipher etc it will make a little chance of him winning aganist the iluanati and if the match had prep time chuck norris will know iluanatis weakness right off the bat and quickly killing him also iluanati shows up in places where he least expect it like for example when you go major league gaming you can spot the symbol everywhere if chuck had help from the mlg or youtube poop team it will be a easy win in my opion off who will win i think the iluanati will win beacuse of his all seeing eye so in round 3 it will be error sans vs iluanati in round 3.