first lets talk about werck it ralph he is a video game charcter that wants to be a good guy he has powers like the hulk and can destory bulidings like in the movie and when he gets super angry you better run from the hills he has super powerful fight exprince and doesnt have much thinking exprince now sherik is a orge that doesnt want people to enter his swamp he is a very exprinced fighter as seen in the first movie now if sherik entered anger mode or major league gaming mode he will desotry and beat werck it ralph also werck it ralph also can turn into sherk it ralph as seen in a youtube poop video he can turn into sherk it ralph and might beat sherk overall:werck it ralph and sherk both have anger issues when put to battle theres no tellings who the winner may be i think sherk will win beacuse of his major league gaming and anger mode form so who do you think will win this fight tell me in the comments below

Werck it ralph vs sherk