first lets talk about sanic the orgin of sanic came about on a video his speed can go of 1,337,691,738,666,420 miles per hour which is one sanic per hour when he collects all 7 choas diritos he turns mlg and no scopes noobs and he can turn into sanic ball and damage his foes now unto error sans error sans is another version of sans whatever he thinks is a glitch that glitch derseves to die he can use error blasters and throw bones and can miss attacks at the speed of sound and he glitchs the music as seen in the unitale error sans boss battle he can also use his puppet powers and use souls to do his biding now unto w.d gaster gaster is a old royal sciencetist before dr alypys he wanted to suck out all the dernation from timelines and kill everyone in a timeline then he passed away or either he came back to life now unto freddy fazbear freddy is the leader of the group at freddy fazbears pizzaera thanks to his fnaf world app we will use his powers for the sack of this page he can use pizza wheel birthday and mic he can bite trough human skull and if it was his nightmare version he can mentally mess with his foes mind until its the right time to kill them now unto flowey flowey is a flower that lacks the love to love other people and being a souless flower with 6 souls flowey can turn into omega flowey and with 7 souls flowey can turn into asierl dreemurr now unto spongebob spongebob is a sponge that is almost immune to all attacks as seen in the episode the bully flats attacked spongebob for 1 day and passed out now unto patrick patrick lacks being smart and when someone calls patrick tubby he gets mad and gives you a black eye and the last one illuanati illunati has a powerful attack the all seeing all the eye knows your moves weakness fears thoughts and stragey in my opion i think sanic will win thank you everyone who read all of my vs battle wiki battles what do you want to see in the next tourment do you want it to be a tag team free for all or a battle royal anyway happy thanksgiving everyone!