on team Youtube Poop And Memes:Doge Gabe The Dog Ppap Moar Krabs Youtube poop mario Youtube poop spongebob Roland Mcdonald Youtube poop woody on team MLG:Sanic Dat Boi MLG sans mlg freddy fazbear mlg spongebob John Cena Mlg Sherk first lets start off with Doge he can appear anywhere and use his powers to attack his foes and Gabe The Dog can sing hopes and dreams and attack his foes and ppap can sing till the charcters die of bordom and moar krabs can attack by saying moar and youtube poop mario can throw pennies and toasters and youtube poop spongebob can attack and ronlad mcdonald can feed junk food to his foes until they blow up and youtube poop woody can attack and also ay small loan of a million dollars now unto team major leauge gaming sanic can go to the speed of 10000000000 and when he gets all the choas diritos he turns into super sanic and he can drink blue mtn dew and turn into sanic ball and attack foes dat boi can attack using his tricycle and mlg sans can dunk his foes and attack using gaster blasters and mlg freddy can jumpscare his foes and attack and mlg spongebob can no scope his foes and john cena can use his finsher on his foes and no scope and mlg sherk can no scope and attack his foes in my opion i think team mlg will win.