On Team Youtube Poop:youtube poop woody youtube poop mario youtube poop spongebob robotink mr krabs spongebob moar krabs on team memes:Gabe The Dog Roland Mcdonald Doge Pen Pineapple Apple Pen first lets start with team Memes Gabe The Dog is the most popular meme and can sing by going bork he can also go into hopes and dreams from Undertale and Roland Mcdonald can feed junk food to his foes and everyone gets fat and blows up by eating too much burgers Doge can appear anyway and use his special powers and attack his foes and ppap can sing his annoying song and people can die beacuse of bordom now unto youtube poop woody he can use his funny powers and attack people and youtube poop mario can throw pennies and toasters at his foes and youtube poop spongebob can use his leaf blower to suck up foes and robotink can use his robot army and mr krabs can throw money at his foes and moar krabs can say more and people die from tiresome who do you think who will win YTP OR MEMES next fight youtube poop and memes vs mlg total war looking forward to it!